Welcome to the Chinese Martial Arts Academy!

Welcome to the official site of Saskatoon's Chinese Martial Arts Academy. The school was founded in the beginning of 2000 with the intent of sharing the sport of Wushu to its community. Now, over a decade later with the support of its students, the school has grown bigger and is stronger than ever. We at CMA would like you to join our family and help in spreading the art of Wushu!

Saskatoon Folkfest

Come out and see the Chinese Martial Arts Academy Performance Team at the Asia Pacific Pavilion during the Saskatoon Folkfest celebration.  The team will once again highlight the strength and beauty of Chinese Martial Arts.  Showtime information is as follows:

Asia Pacific Pavilion – 1904 Clarence Ave South
Thursday August 14 – 10:00pm
Friday August 15 – 6:15pm
Saturday August 16 – 5:00pm

Come out and cheer on the team.  Jiayou!


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